Enjoy Great Apartment Life

How to Have a Great Apartment Life
22.07.2014 15:07

Hunting for an apartment can truly be daunting and you cannot always expect a perfect living in an apartment like in Vista Verde. From awful landlords to tight spaces and noisy neighbors, things can be unpredictable. However, by following the right tricks, you will be able to have an awesome apartment living. To make this happen, just follow my tips below.


Look for the Right Pad


To ensure a great apartment life, we need to look for a great apartment to start with. This takes some research and patience. We can check out some apartment search tools and have a checklist so that we can ask some necessary questions while hunting.

Create a Great Landlord Relationship


An apartment search should not only be about the unit. It’s important to pay attention to our landlord. Let us avoid issues that can arise in the future by having everything documented and understanding our rights. Hopefully, we don’t end up with a lot of issues; however, if something goes wrong, we need to make our landlord accountable.


Save on Rent


A lot of landlords would want to negotiate on prices if they are in need of tenants. We can try to negotiate on parking spaces or pet fees instead of the rent cost that can truly be tricky. In order to save on rent, it’s best to move during the winter instead of the summer.


Make Temporary Upgrades


Apartment living doesn’t always allow us to upgrade many things. It’s possible we could not do something about the entire kitchen; however, we can perform some temporary upgrades which will make our apartment look nicer. Also, we can talk to our landlord if we wish to make a bigger upgrade. They may agree to it especially if this will let them save in the long run.

Deal with Roommate Tension


If we are in an apartment with roommates, we need to deal with a lot of things. For instance, it’s important to divide all expenses up and share a living space. We can easily manage the former as long as we can modestly talk with them about some ground rules.


Deal with Neighbors


Being in an apartment puts us in a space where neighbors are separated by paper-thin walls. If we have neighbors who are prone to love making or listening to loud music at 12am, we have some options. Although we can always talk to them, depending on the situation, we can go directly to the management. Also, let’s make sure we are not noisy neighbors ourselves.


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